This is the most popular treatment and can have the most enhancing effect on your appearance, framing your face. Hair strokes are created through the brow line, giving as natural a look as possible using a semi-permanent micro-pigmentation process. The shape and colour is determined by drawing, measuring and testing pigment shades prior to starting and agreed by both of us. A suitably-shaped brow gives you back definition to frame the eye, and can even give a subtle lifting effect.


Eyes are defined using a lash enhancement treatment. This thickens the appearance of the lashes by adding pigment through the roots, giving depth and clarity to the eye. This can then be built on to create an eye liner on the bottom eyelid, top eyelid, or both.


Lips can be defined by adding a lip line subtly blended to create more even or fuller lips. A lip blush can be added to give depth of colour to pale lips.


Treatments are available from £150.

Colour boost from £100

Other services

In addition to these semi-permanent make-up options, I provide a number of other services and treatments through various clinics and salons in and around Sheffield. These include:

  • providing medical and clinical tattooing treatments in hospitals around Sheffield and South Manchester

  • laser hair removal and electrolysis - visit www.thesheffieldclinic.co.uk for more details on this particular treatment


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