Medical tattooing

Medical Tattooing is an extremely effective process where colour is ‘added’ to the body anywhere that colour is missing – whether this is as a result of surgery, injury or trauma.

Medical tattooing offers solutions to both women and men, and covers treatments such as adding colour to the scalp, camouflaging scar tissue, restoring facial features such as eyebrows and lip lines, and recreating areolas post breast reconstruction.

areola reconstruction

Also sometimes described as nipple tattoo. Many women take the option of reconstruction after mastectomy surgery. Medical Tattooing is optional, but can offer the finishing touch to the treatment. Grafted areolas can have pigment added giving a very realistic look. It is also possible to create a 3D effect nipple using pigment with shading and highlighting techniques, giving the illusion of protrusion. Tattooing on a reconstructed breast can usually take place 6 months post surgery.

scar softening treatments

Scars can be helped by a ‘dry needling’ process which is used with great success for scar reduction (softening and flattening - including those caused by self harm, injury, tattoo removal and post surgery), wrinkle reduction, re-pigmentation, acne pit raising and colour correction, and stretch mark reduction. This is also known as MCA- Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation.

skin camouflage and scar tattoo

Loss of pigmentation  and skin imperfections can be greatly disguised (but not removed) by skin camouflage. White scar tissue is the most successful to disguise, and some stretch marks respond well to this process. This treatment can be carried out on lips as well.

hair loss irregularities

Scalps with bald patches or thinning hair can be also treated very successfully with this camouflaging method.

Chesterfield Hospital Trust work

Working at Chesterfield Hospital in association with the hospital trust, creating areolas for women post breast cancer and reconstructive surgery, has been truly enlightening and incredibly rewarding work.

Reconstructed nipples can have pigment added to complete the process and create very realistic looking breasts. For those who choose not to have nipple grafts - a 3D effect nipple with the illusion of protrusion can be created.

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