Medical tattoo and clinical make-up gallery

The following photographs show ‘before and after’ images of some of my recent clients. Many of the ‘after’ shots are taken immediately after carrying out the treatment, and show how much darker or stronger the colour appears at first. This fades and softens as it heals, over 7-10 days, leaving a much more natural and pleasing effect.

Thinning hair

A surprising but very effective use of medical tattooing. This is also known as scalp micropigmentation.

Thinning hair  Hair restored

  Hair line

Areola Reconstruction

This often takes place after mastectomy, and can be an amazing boost to self esteem and confidence. With skill and care, it can be a very convincing effect!

Mastectomy breast  Reconstruct areola

Nipple tattoo - before  Nipple tattoo - after

Nipple tattoo - before  Nipple tattoo - after

Nipple tattoo - before  Nipple tattoo - after


Areola missing  Areola replaced

This procedure followed breast reduction on one side.

Scar camouflage

Scar   scar gone

Example of scar camouflage.

leg scar  nice legs

This lady had skin mottling on her legs. After treatment she was delighted to wear skirts and shorts again.

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