Cosmetic Gallery

The following photographs show ‘before and after’ images of some of my recent clients. Many of the ‘after’ shots are taken immediately after carrying out the treatment, and show how much darker or stronger the colour appears at first. This fades and softens as it heals, over 7-10 days, leaving a much more natural and pleasing effect.



Eyeliner and eyebrows done to perfection: this lady looks 10 years younger!


eyebrow make-up  more eyebrows

Pretty before, stunning after.

Eyebrows before   Eyebrows after

Pretty before, stunning after.

Nice face   Nice eyebrows

A lovely face, made even more gorgeous!

Full face before   Made up

Full face, made up look.

Lovely eyes   lovely eyebrow

Pretty before, stunning after.

 overplucked brows  perfect eyebrows

Overplucked eyebrows before, perfect eyebrows after.

eyes  Perfect eyeliner

Perfect eyeliner gives amore "awake" look!

These images are of work by Kathy, and reproduced by kind permission of her clients.

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