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Having undergone a double mastectomy with reconstruction, I contacted Kathy for cosmetic tattooing of areolas/nipples. Kathy is a lovely, warm and friendly lady who makes you feel at ease straight away. She took a lot of time and effort to ensure the size, colour and symmetry were spot on and gave extremely good advice concerning after care and what to expect. Kathy paid attention to health and safety and cleanliness, ensuring all her equipment and surroundings were sterile. I am overjoyed at how realistic Kathy has made my new nipples look. She uses a 3d effect in her tattooing using shading and the results are amazing. They are better than I could have imagined. I am so thankful to Kathy for her tremendous work. After a very difficult time, I finally have breasts I can be proud of and I could not be happier. Many thanks Kathy.

Jenny (Widnes)

I have just finished my areola tattoo and scar reduction treatment with Kathy and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I could now happily undress in the changing rooms at the pool and no one would know I had had a reconstruction ( unless they peered very closely which is unlikely! ) It is so lovely feeling normal again after my mastectomy in 2008. Being absolutely delighted with my breast reconstruction, I was unsure whether to go ahead with the nipple reconstruction as I have a good friend who was very disappointed with hers ( not done at Wythenshawe) but I am so glad I did. That and Kathy's areola tattoo have really made the breast reconstruction look so much more natural and made everything I have been through worthwhile. Kathy is a lovely person who made each session a pleasure. Heartfelt thanks to everybody in the team.

Dear Kathy, I just had to let you know how pleased I am with the results of your tattooing. Your warm persona!ity immediately put me at my ease. My reconstructed breasts look very realistic thanks to the tattoos. Also your excellent aftercare advice was very comprehensive. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other people in my situation. Thank you so much.

Camilla (Sheffield)

I was left with a 2 inch scar on my forehead, following a diy accident.

I felt very self conscious about it, despite growing my hair to try and disguise it. After researching on the Internet for medical tattoos, I found Kathy's site and rang her to arrange a consultation.The treatment was entirely painless and Kathy was very reassuring throughout.

I have to say the results for me were truly  transformational and the appearance of the scar has virtually disappeared. If you are considering this technique, I have no hesitation recommending Kathy to you.


"I have just finished a course of treatment at Chesterfield Royal Hospital and I cannot find praise enough for Kathy Gillott who did the tattoo work on my breast, the results are amazing. I didn't think at the time of having breast reconstruction and a nipple replacement what a difference the tattooing of the areola would make, it has made me feel like a woman again."

Hi Kathy

As promised a few words to use as a testimonial of how pleased I am with my new nipples!

I was initially unsure as to whether to go ahead with nipple tattoos. I'd had a lot of surgery and hospital trips and was glad for it all to be over.  I also wasn't repulsed by what I saw in the mirror so I was afraid I might not like the results.  However, whilst happy enough with my reconstructed breasts minus a nipple, they did look a little like a face with no nose!  Having seen pictures of other work Kathy had done I decided to go ahead and I am so incredibly glad I did.  I really did not anticipate how great the results would be and the impact it would have on how I feel.  I am truly delighted and it feels like it draws to conclusion two and a half traumatic years.  It somehow feels like I've reached the end of it all.

Thanks Kathy, it really has made a difference.

Kind regards


I am 62 now and lost all my body hair to alopoecia in 2013. I wear a wig that is nicer than my real hair was and I have eyebrows, thanks to Kathy, that are shapelier than my own were.Without eyebrows I became aware of how much we use them in everyday communication and I overcame a lifelong disdain for cosmetic enhancement.

After a little discomfort and following Kathy's aftercare advice to the letter, I am really pleased with how natural looking my eyebows are becoming. I would be very happy to recommend Kathy's professional, honest and skilled approach to anyone considering eyebrow replacement.

All the best


I am very glad that I was referred to Kathy by my surgeon. I have received excellent service from her and the results are wonderful to see. She is very friendly and puts you at ease immediately.

Her work has boosted my confidence, satfisaction, and overall good feeling so much so, that I would certainly recommend her service to patients in my situation.

I am extremely grateful for her good work and the hospital for delivering such a wonderful service as it has indeed made a big difference to my recovery.

Thank you


Hi Kathy

Just to let you know how pleased I am with the areola tattoos that you have done for me. The time you took to choose the colours were well worth it as the result is perfect and the three dimensional nipples are very natural looking.  My confidence has greatly increased and I am very pleased with the result.

Thanks again



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