semi-permanent make up

cosmetic and clinical

Semi-permanent make-up is a great way of enhancing your features - either to improve what’s already there, or to replace what you might consider is lacking, giving you the appearance of beautifully applied make-up, every day!

Many women would like to change their appearance - even subtly - and these innovative processes offer the ideal solution. It greatly improves your features, significantly boosts confidence and self-esteem, and can even make you look younger!

Clinical camouflage is for people who would like to disguise or minimise the appearance of medical conditions such as scars or vitiligo, or for hair loss such as alopoecia, and it can be very effective.

Medical tattooing can be used for adding colour or shape to a damaged, scarred or uneven feature such as lips or eyebrows. It is commonly used for recreating the look of an areola following breast surgery.

" ... Thank you so much Kathy, for giving me back my eyebrows - I love them... "

"I have to say the results were transformational"

"You made me look younger too - didn't realise that could happen..."

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